Vintage Topstar brass blowtorch table lamp



  • Intact vintage Topstar brass blowtorch lamp base
  • Unique functional and attractive light
  • Upcycled item

A new lease on life for a common workshop tool from yesteryear. No longer hidden away on a dark musty garage shelf this blowtorch has been upcycled into a fun, functional lamp, big enough to be noticed but small enough to fit on any table or desk. You can almost smell the kerosene as you sit and admire this old treasure.

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Vintage Topstar brass blowtorch table lamp Descriptions

In approximately 1797 the blowtorch was invented by the German inventor, August Von Marquardt in Eberswalde. In the 1950’s, after the Korean war, the blowtorch industry was radically changed by the advent of propane and by the 1970’s most of the manufacturers of these old types of kerosene or gasoline burning blow torches had disappeared. This was a sign of the changing times but fortunately, some of these beautifully made old tools haven’t been lost to the scrap metal industry.

Vintage Topstar brass blowtorch table lamp Specifications

Topstar 1 pint solid brass blowtorch lamp
Good condition
220 volt, 3 pin plug, inline switch. Small screw type bulb holder and includes an Edison type light bulb

Height: 21 cm
Length: 26 cm
Weight: approximately 200 g

This small vintage blowtorch lamp is made of solid brass and could be used as either a desk lamp or perhaps for task lighting in your garage. It is decorative as well as useful.

This blow torch lamp can be collected from our saleroom located in Monteseel, Inchanga, just outside Hillcrest, Durban. If required, delivery can be arranged. Please enquire for details at [email protected]

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